NAP (Non aggression pact)  

Excludes attacks and wars between both alliances.

For more information about non aggression pacts click here.

Negative gold balance  

When expenses are more than the incomes and stored gold decreases instead of increasing. A negative balance can occur in case of enormous army upkeep and/or loan payments.
When you haven't logged in your account for more than 24 hours and your gold's rate has gone negative, it will automatically be zeroed. However, negative gold rate will not be zeroed, if you have activated vacation mode.

Net worth points  

They represent the current strength of a player. They are earned by constructing buildings, researching and recruiting soldiers and are calculated according to the amount and type of spent resources:
- 1 net worth point = 1000 gold / 1000 wood / 1000 iron / 1000 stone spent on buildings or research
- 1 net worth point = 500 gold / 500 wood / 500 iron / 500 stone spent on army recruitment.

Net worth points range (range)  

The difference between two players' net worth points. Attacks upon Empires out of range x5 (5 times smaller or bigger based on net worth points) are forbidden. Attacks upon Empires out of range x2 cause morale, honor and attack strength drop per every 0,1 coefficient difference out of the allowed range. The attack strength will not decrease, if the attacker out of range x2 has less net worth points than the defender.

For more information about attacks out of range click here.

Neutral zone  

A zone where the influence ranges of two alliance castles with the same Great Temple levels overlap. The total radius of a neutral zone is divided into two equal parts and added to each alliance's overall range, and all empires located in the respective zone lose their daily bonuses applied to the production, morale and happiness.


The default status of every alliance or the standing an alliance obtains upon annulling an agreement or receiving a confirmation of its own request for a positive change from Hostility.

For more information about neutrality click here.


Current changes, innovations, announcements or reports Imperia Online team informs all players about. When there are unread news the news icon at the left side of Profiles menu lights up. Each peace of news can be marked as read so icon’s signal light could be turned off.

News archive  

Second tab in News menu where all news ever published since the beginning of this realm are gathered and systematized.

Noble room  

A room where you can buy caskets that grant you Great people. The age and inborn talents of the the great people are assigned randomly. The rarer casket you open, the bigger the chance of getting a great person with the same rarity you have. There is a chance to get a great person with a sixth inborn talent. All great people you buy from the Noble room can be added to a section for nobles in the castle. This section has unlimited slots.


All people part of the Imperial Court - also called Nobles. These may be citizens who showed distinctive bravery in battle or became famous in high society with their exceptional personal qualities. Players can marry their Nobles to members of the Imperial Family but cannot send them abroad to sign dynasty peace.

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Nomads Invasion  

This is the oldest tournament in the history of the game, first held in 2006. The participants' main goal is to defend their empires against multiple computer-generated nomad attacks that are sent out over time. The preparation and ability to build good defense before any attack is crucial, since Nomad units do not have carrying capacity, they always loot everything in a fortress siege. Besides, if the attacking nomad army wins a Fortress siege, all player's buildings' levels are dropped by 1 and their base net worth points cost is deducted from player's points. For each successful defensive victory against nomads each player will receive war income equal to 50% of the annihilated enemy armies in gold equivalent divided equally between wood and iron. All players have a maximum of 50 lives. For each lost battle against nomads 1 life is deducted. If a player loses all lives, eligibility to compete for any of the big or special rewards is lost, too. Winners in the tournament will get diamonds and special medals as a reward.

For more information and to read the full version of the rules of Nomads Invasion, please click here.

Non-military unit  

Common word for all units which are recruited in the barracks, have recruitment price, training time, hourly upkeep and speed and can be destroyed by the enemy, but don't technically, by any means, participate in the battle, by inflicting damage like all military units do. Non-military units are intelligence and transport units.